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Animal Sanctuary Visit (2.3.18) NOW Octant Evening

Hot Yoga (2.2.18) swapped with Pottery (30.3.18)

23rd February
- District Thinking Day Campfire last night at Jim & Margaret's. Approximately
80 Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Rangers, Trefoil Guild and Leaders present.
Horizon organised and kept the fire going then served hot chocolate to everyone at the end.
Thank you and Well Done - Sarah, Laura, Eve, Chelsea and Caitlin.
This was all followed by an Evening learning about Karate organised excellently by Eve. However unfortunately over the last week we've received resignations from Abbey, Maria and Jasmine :(

 6th January 2018 - A very pleasant evening last night when Mary Brodey, Assistant County
Commissioner presented Maisie Rae with her Queen's Guide Award, Emma & Hannah Smith and Chelsea Beahan with their Chief Guide's Award, Emily Caldwell with her Silver DofE Award and Becci Worth her Leadership Qulification. Loads of guests attended, although current members were not well represented!!
Particular thanks to Sarah J. for helping to set up and to Laura & Eve for organising flowers, cards and
gifts in the absence of both the Chair and her Deputy.