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Site Updates

3.11.17 Pub Quiz very well organised by Nairne & Katherine for the Italy Trip made 126.20.
Well done everyone.

20.10.17 Visit to Rebound Revolution, Biecester's Bounce Park
Very physical evening!!

September -- slight Programme change -- in that 9 members climbed at Oxford Brookes.
Think it was a straight swap and we'll be visting the new Bounce Park at Bicester on the 20th October!!

Met up a few times during the summer:

1st September BUNKFEST.. Music Festival.
 18th August meant to be Aunt Sally but weather was worse - so we sat & nattered
4th August meant to be Aunt Sally but weather was grim so we made bead bungies & fantasy flowers  

14.07.17 Punting was as usual great fun, especially Heather's meeting with a tree
and Georgina making her Promise!

Welcome Abbey, Maria, Macey and Sarah - nice that you're joining us, hope you enjoy us!!