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Christmas Dinner Party, Bowling & Sleepover 21.12.12.
We met early, so some members could make yule logs, then deliver them whilst others cooked and laid the table, then having eaten, Awards were presented, we played our left/right present giving game and went glow bowling. Upon our return we tidied away, partied, then slept over.    Wow!!!
glow bowling
filled packs
                      for Mary's meals
During the Autumn term we collected (in conjunction with Middle Barton Guides & Brownies) twenty backpacks for Mary's Meals, providing basic school equipment to children in Malawi and Uganda.
Drop off Night Hike 9.11.12 - girls were blindfolded & dropped off in the middle of nowhere, given maps & told to walk to a Grid Reference where they found the leader team listening to Jazz at the Abingdon Arms at Beckley. Below: - going through the notices after the Hike, which they said   'Was way too easy!!'
Drop Off
Maisie &
Halloween Sleepover at Oxford Unlocked 2.11.12 - below: - the Prison mug shots!
mug shot

Alexis & Cheryl ran our Halloween Party at the old Oxford Prison this year, then Alexis ended up winning the prize for the best dressed. She did well!!
Alexis again

another mug

halloween games

We had a really good time with the usual bobbing for apples, flour cake & doughnuts on string type games.
Autumn Term 2012 The Programme included:
Celebrating the Chinese Lunar Festival:
Making a mosaic Pudsey Bear for a Children In Need Hobby Craft competition:
Working on the Together We Can Challenge:


Can t-shirts
Looking at the Eight Millennium Development Goals, making a web of how they link together, playing games, sorting quizzes, tasting chocolate and painting Advocacy bags for the World Wildlife Fund, just some of the activities we participated in.
22-23rd September 2012 Bronze Expedition
Horizon joined by Aspire R.G.U. at the start of the
expedition (below) and right:-at the end in the rain.
the group
21st September 2012 Annual General Meeting

The Unit holds an Annual General Meeting every September, usually before our leave-takers go off to Uni. The Chair runs the meeting, to which Parents, Guides over the age of 13 and interested adults are invited. The agenda includes reports from the Chair, Treasurer and Unit Guider and the opportunity for the girls to question Unit procedure and to propose motions to change the constitution, as well as the election of new Officers of the Executive Committee (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer & Catering Officer). A Court of Award Ceremony (COA) usually follows the A.G.M.
Climbing at Oxford Brookes 10.8.12
climbing in

Before going off to Bosnia, Jasmine organised climbing for us. Many thanks to Chris Kirkham of Freeland for taking us. A very good evening.
Summer Camp 28th July-4th August 2012 Guernsey

Above fish & chips at Poole, where they stayed the first night, courtesy of Mike Winchester of Hamworthy Scouts, having missed their ferry connection due to traffic diversions on the first day of the Olympic Games. Below on Brownsea Island.


Below again, on the boat, crossing over to Guernsey.

on the boat

Whilst camping at Les Maingies Scout Campsite the girls visited the Little Chapel, La Vallette Hospital & Underground Military Museum & Victor Hugo's House.


They took innumerable bus trips, held a barbecue on the beach, took a boat trip over to the island of Sark where they hired bikes and cycled around and spent time in St Peter Port, picnicked and paddled.


Thank you Cheryl and Mim for taking the girls away!


all of them

Bronze DofE Practice Expedition 14-15th July

the group
Above the group, some of them members of Aspire RGU, and right cooking their supper at Green Hill Farm, Bletchingdon, having walked from Kidlington.
Alternative cooking 13.7.12
Tin can pancakes, kick the can ice cream, arm pit fudge and chocolate cakes cooked in zip-lock baggies were all tried. Pancakes worked the best!!!

we're cooking
Sun Run at Cleeve Hill 6-8th July 2012
the gang

Above, some of the gang who went from Horizon, below, the mud, top right an innovation this year were the animals and below right, cooking the stir fry. Becky ran the camp for us, Nette sat at home, missing it! Maria, Cheryl, Mim & Nikki, all drove and Holly, Clare, Becca, Lucy, Jasmine, Erika & Kayleigh attended. Not enough TOILETS and too much mud!!


COA & Bar-b-cue 22.6.12 -- no barbie as the weather was foul, again..

Nikki's Gold DofE Award Presentation was a very small affair held at the Centre. Andrea Oughton, County Commissioner presented the badge and the girls were presented with lollipops and the badges and awards they'd gained since the last Court of Awards.

the crew!

Nikki's cake
Unfortunately it was not well supported, but those who couldn't make it missed an excellent chocolate cake!!

Well Done

District Fete 16.6.12
Horizon made £203.04 at the District Fete, a mixture of selling tickets for a hamper & meal for two at the Highwayman, the BBQ and some small games like marble roll & the wire buzzer.
In all (including the raffle) we made over £2,000 for the Rebuilding Fund. Brings it up to nearly £60,000.
We were well supported & Gemma made a great job of supervising the cooking (as seen below).
manning the BBQUnfortunately wind surfing, the week before, had had to be cancelled, partly because it wasn't sorted in time and partly because of the weather. However  the Survival Weekend at Beanwood, where four members battled the elements with only a few necessities for company was very successful.
Whilst the Wide Game collecting scattered aircraft wreckage around the Village was slightly less so, especially as Terrorists, Rikki, Jemma & Destiny (from Middle Barton Guides) were never captured!!

Survival Event 1-3rd June at Beanwood
the crew
Above the survivors, to the right escaping from a burning building and below making and using a rope ladder to find a birds nest full of eggs. They also found a chicken and dug up wild growing potatoes
rope ladder

Backwoods Cooking 18.5.12 & Drop Off Hike 25.5.12

Brigid organised our Backwoods Cooking Evening, with help from Mum, Louise, even peeling the damper sticks for us. We ate those with butter and jam, cooked chocolate cakes in oranges (not enough hot embers to be really good!) and ended with s'mores.

The Drop Off Hike the following week was mainly sorted by Nette. 3 Car loads of girls were blindfolded and dropped off near Woodstock. They were then given maps, had to find out where they were and make their way to a given grid reference, where they found the Leaders relaxing in the Pub. Below, a diet coke, notices and a natter to end the evening.

Gold DofE Presentations Clare, Cheryl, Suzanne and Lizzie with Court Of Awards 6.4.12


On the 6th April we hosted another Court of Awards, this time featuring the Presentation of 4 Gold DofE Awards, to Clare, Cheryl, Suzanne and Lizzie. The picture on the left shows the girls with our Region DofE Adviser (Jean), Nette and County Commissioner (Andrea). Becca, Lucy & Louise were presented with their Silvers and Flic her Bronze. Families and friends supported the Event and all Rangers were presented with Awards gained since our last Court of Awards, these were attached to bottles of bubbles (pic. left below) labelled:

Thanks for all the many things you do with all your Rangering
The paper jungle, people maze, the great ideas you bring.
You rush to come to meetings, leaving things at home undone
In order to ensure we all have memories of fun.
In all the running round you do, we often fail to say,
That we notice everything you do, on each and every day.
So take a couple of minutes, and look way deep inside
Get past the work and phone calls, to that little girl you hide.
You might not recognise her, haven’t seen her for a while
But she’s been there, just waiting, with your patient little smile.
So grab this pot of bubbles, and you both go out to play
Take all your troubles with you, and blow them all away!

Darts Tournament, Sports Evening etc. Spring 2012

table tennis
Despite having a full Programme we don't seem to have many photos to show what we've been up to this term. This is partly because Nette was absent a lot recovering from a tendon shift operation on her left foot. Rangers continued with another brilliant Gang Show, an Animal Sanctuary visit, letters written to Post Pals and a Great British Bake Off!
Dead mans swamp
Court of Awards & Nikki's Queen's Guide Evening 6.1.12
Christmas Dinner and Sleepover 2011
under the

Our annual Christmas Dinner Party and Sleepover was attended by almost everyone except our Affiliates this year, including a past member and a waiting to join Guide. As usual the newest members cooked the Turkey dinner, the right/left present giving game was played, followed by some silly party games (including eating a mars bar whilst wearing large gloves!!) with a lot of chat and laughter. No ice skating (it was thought to be too expensive), however an innovation this year was playing on the Wii. Most people slept well & shared a breakfast of  cereals & croissants before cleaning, tidying up &  leaving the following day. (Thanks Mim!!)
London Shopping & Youth Hosteling & SSOX Challenge Preparation 2011
On the
Left: Cheryl & Holly took a few girls to St Paul's Youth Hostel for a couple of days shopping in London (Thanks Cheryl). Above: Preparing our display for the Nuffield Hospital, whilst in the background Rangers update our SSOX Challenge Ruby scrapbook.
November Meetings and our County Challenge

18.11.11 Collecting £42.45 for Children in Need and litter picking the Centre of Kidlington for our 2011 SSOX Challenge whilst dressed up as Pirates then working for the Pirate Badge. What an evening!!
25.11.11 Our Ruby Murray Night. We invited all the Units in the County to join us, but Fridays aren't very popular and our only guests were 2 Leaders from Aspire RGU. Ate loads of different types of curry, naan, rice & poppadoms and talked Cockney Rhyming Slang as much as possible whilst Nikki completed part of her Commonwealth Award.
Curry night
Bonfire Night November 2011

Above - Sparklers and toffee apples, right - hot soup to stop us freezing to death added to building a guy and a Bonfire Night Quiz. Lucy arranged a really good evening for the Unit.
Hot soup
October 2011 - Wicked in London with the Region & Go Ape at Culham - just some of our activities
Go Ape
Court of Awards September 2011
Group pic.

All uniformed Members who attended our AGM 2011
Nette was presented with a beautiful crystal vase and flowers wishing her luck on her forthcoming op.
New Neckers were distributed and worn at our 2011 AGM held on the 16th September, followed by our COA Ceremony where Mim was presented with her Queen's Guide Award (see our Achievements page) by our new County Commissioner Andrea Oughton. Four members said their good-byes, Katherine, Zoe, Louise & Flic were all given Leaving gifts and wished well.
Awards were presented to all Members featuring the FUDGE poem:      Thanks for being just like FUDGE!!
                            Fun and friendly
                            Unique and understanding
                            Diligent in delivering good programmes
                            Generous and giving
                            Entirely enthusiastic about Guiding

Maisie & Emily won the Most Meetings Attended Award (35 out of 46) and Katherine was Nominated as the Most Influential Member. Nikki was presented with her 75 Nights Away & Cheryl with both her Senior Section Leader Qualification and her Senior Section Campers License. Well Done all of You!!
Windsurfing Summer meeting August 2011
Not many turned up for the Surfing evening in August but all who did not only enjoyed themselves. They all managed to stand up for a while!!!

shivering afterwards

Emily attended County & Region Selections and was chosen to join the Anglia Group to Uganda 2011
Em in

Em in Uganda

The Unit held it's annual punting expedition in July

Summer Camp 1-6th August 2011 Longridge, Marlow
Eight members attended Summer Camp this year supporting Mim taking her Campers License.
Longridge offered a deal where the girls got to have a go at sailing, kayaking and canadian canoeing. Unfortunately they had to cook on gas (they'd rather have used wood fires!!) but they did get the chance to have campfires with s'mores and a bar-b-cue one evening. They also explored Marlow, went swimming, had a fish & chip supper and spent a lot of time etching...
eating out

food & drink


Mim Kayaking


open canoeing
Cocktails & canapes July 2011 for County SSOX Challenge - designing our own ruby cocktail!!
                      & canapes
Leadership Skills Evening Summer 2011
Mim ran a Leadership Skills Evening as part of her Leadership Qualification for those who needed it for their Chief Guide's Award. Activities included Icebreakers; the Skittles Game and Getting to Know You Catch.Teambuilders; Rescuing the Duck from a holed standing pipe, Undoing a Human Knot & Deadman's Swamp (getting your team from one end of the building to the other without standing on the ground).
Finally, Barking Up The Wrong Tree (a self - discovery exercise) and a Promise Activity, Writing Your Promise on Your Hand. The evening went well & everyone had a go at some Leadership Tasters.

Leader skills
Find the
Jewellery Making for SSOX Challenge Summer 2011

Nikki making

choosing jewells
Sun Run July 2011 - ready to party in the evening & playing during the day.
Sun Run

Nikki, Flic, Alexis, Becca, Lucy, Mim, Erika & Kayleigh

Gladiator games

gladiator games
Queen's Guide & Gold DofE Celebrations June 24th 2011

Mim & Cheryl's cake
Annual Review June 22nd 2011

Held locally this year, Flic received her Chief Guide's Award, Cheryl, her Queen's Guide Award & Mim her Gold DofE Award. Nikki & Holly supported, Gemma kindly carried the flag and Nette's clutch went!!

Two days later, we held a Unit Party for Mim & Cheryl, unfortunately Flic was unable to attend.
We hoped for a bar-b-cue, but it poured, so we were in the Centre. What's more it was really badly attended, however those who were there saw our special girls presented with their Awards by the County Commissioner and themselves had badges pinned to ribbons tied around Animal Pens.

July 2011 COA
DofE June 2011 - The Bronze Group at the start (left) and finish of their Expedition (right).
High Ropes at Youlbury June 2011

followed by a campfire with s'mores!

nearly my turn
DofE Practice May 2011 - in the local area
left: en route, below: at camp
Green Hill Farm. Bletchingdon.
at Green Hill Farm
Pagan Wedding May 2011  - Rangers were given a donation to serve the food and generally help out.
A Pagan
Tea making
Dartmoor Gold DofE Expedition April 2011 - Nikki, Lucy, Lucy, Becca, Flic & Louise - Very well Done!

above: All together. below: Camping at Nuns Cross.

Nun's Cross

above: Another cross. below: Camping at White Tor

White Tor
Cheryl's License Camp - 18-20th April 2011

BBQ lunch

BBQ lunch in the sun. Thanks for the cooking Mim!
Cheryl's Camp License was held at Horley. Seven members of the Unit supported her for a Seaside themed camp where they dug in the sandpit, floated paper boats, had a visit from a puppet theatre, ate fish 'n chips, swam, modelled balloons, bar-b-cued, had a go at painting both mugs & silk pictures and generally had lots of Sea side fun.A  great time was had by all. Just the accounts to sort and we'll have another License holder in the Unit. 

Congratulations, we're so pleased! 

Cheryl's Queen's Guide was presented to her on 12th April 2011 by the Speaker in the House of Lords
House of Lords
Aunt Sally Evening with Witney Explorer Unit 25.3.11 + 18th birthday celebrations
Aunt Sally
Royal Wedding Badge March 2011. Rangers made tiaras and cup cakes, learned more about the Royal family and posed for photos to gain the Royal Wedding Badge during one cold damp March evening.
cup cakes

Celebrating Promises made at Pax Lodge February 2011.
We managed to crack open the non-alcoholic bubbly only a few weeks later for George & Alexis but it was a few months later that we got around to celebrating Gemma and Lucy's...... Hey ho!!

Gemma & Lucy

Sharing their non-alcoholic bubbly with others...
London Challenge for Thinking Day 2011

at Buckingham Palace


and at Lord & Lady B-P's memorial in
Westminster Abbey
On the Thames

Half a dozen members of the Unit spent the weekend after Thinking Day celebrating by working for LASER's London Challenge. We ate lunch & shopped at CHQ, visited Downing Street, Lord & Lady B-P's memorial at Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, the Monument, the Maze at Crystal Palace and Covent Garden. We spent the night at Pax Lodge, ate Gourmet Burgers for supper and invested four new members: Alexis, George, Lucy and Gemma. Result!!

Pax Lodge
Snow-tubing on a Friday evening at Bracknell
Snow tubing
All together
Valentine's Day 2011
Delivering our Baby Basket to the John Radcliffe  Maternity Hospital just before Valentine's Day 2011. We'd been unable to deliver it at Christmas as planned due to the heavy snow!!

JR Maternity Hospital
Also, handing over our the hyacinths we'd planted for delivery at Christmas. Even though they were slightly tall the residents of our local home for the Elderly were delighted to receive their Valentine gifts.
Christmas 2010


As usual, our newer members cooked the meal, some Christmas cakes were delivered, a few ex-members attended, awards were presented, the left right game was played with secret santa gifts and we followed it up with ice skating and a sleepover. Then when we got up on Saturday there was SNOW!! It took one member over six hours to get home!!!

watching the skating
Halloween Party - at Beanwood 2010

We haven't been to visit this Girlguiding Oxfordshire camp venue set in the beautiful surroundings of Wytham Woods for some time, but it does make a perfect setting for a spooky Halloween Party.

There's no electricity or water laid on, nor any vehicular access - and the access there is wends its way through what appears to be encroaching woodland. A perfect meeting place for various witches, wizards and black cats!!
                      wizards & black cats
Vision 20.10.2010 - remaking our Promise at 20.10 hours.
Cheryl & Holly

Vision meal

Heythrop Park Holly with Liz Burnley
Our Division Vision Event was held at 49 Church Street, Kidlington. Over 400 members attended, socialised, painted jam jars, sang around the fire and remade their promise to the words streamed from Heythrop Park where Liz Burnley (Chief Guide) were joined by Holly & Cheryl at the Women's World Forum (photos on left). An Event to remember!
Afterwards some of our newer members remade their Promises adding the 'Be of Service to the Community' part and celebrated with non alcoholic bottles of wine

Promise Ceremonies
Unit Meetings - Autumn 2010

Autumn meetings included welcoming new members and saying farewell to old. We celebrated Zoe's Promise Ceremony, finished off Adventure 100, held a bin-bag fashion show, made (and decorated) Christmas cakes, and started Books of Inspiration.


Bin bag fashion show
Our Unit's own Ultimate Adventure - Barcelona 23-28 August 2010
the Group

eating out
Gaudi in
Oxfordshire County Centenary Camp - Quest 2010 - scenes from City II Subcamp - 6 Unit members there.
City II
                      ready for Parade
Quest sub
Just a couple of scenes from Fusion 4.8.10 - the street performers in particular were superb!!
Fusion street performers
Great Guide Getaway August 2010
Lunch at the
                      Great Guide Get Away

Centenary Camp at Harewood House, Yorkshire

We tried our hardest to persuade the Rangers either to apply for STARS (the Senior Section Subcamp Staff) or to come just for a day or two as part of the Great Guide Getaway, but in the end Holly and I went on our own and had a brilliant time, gaining not only a tent but the opportunity to explore and marvel at the workings of such a well run enormous undertaking.
Here we are at breakfast with another Oxfordshire Leader (Caroline) and Leaders from the States.
Adventure 100 Evening July 2010
Adventure challenge

Trying on 1910 clothing with hobble skirts and parasols, forming the figure 100 out of badges, tie dying cotton socks, uploading our photos onto Twitter for 'Catch the moment' and making a dish out of black ingredients occupied one rainy Ranger evening - nearly completed the Adventure Challenge 100!!
Punting 9.7.10


2nd - 4th July 2010 Sun Run
Football theme

It was a football themed party on Friday night.


Lovely weather this year!!
28th May 2010 Court of Awards Barbie                   - awards were pinned to ribbons hanging from Centenary balloons

Maria's barbie

Leaders also had gifts. Thank Maria!!
Maria cutting
Maria cutting her Gold DofE Celebration cake

Other recent meetings included taking
photos of our ducks


and participating in the 'End Malaria Campaign'

End Malaria

15th May 2010 Oxfordshire's Centenary Party at the Palace - running the Outdoor Cooking Base at Blenheim
Cooking on
                        brazil nuts
Toasting marshmallows on brazil nuts
Chappattis on
                        buddy burners
Frying chapattis on buddy burners
Making cakes
                        to cook in cardboard boxes
Making cakes to bake in cardboard box ovens
Dampers at
                        the Palace

Cooking dampers on sticks
Sausages on
Sausages on sticks
Cooking on
                      tin cans
Pancakes on tin cans
17th April 2010 County Centenary Service for Adults at Dorchester Abbey

We carried the County Standard.
It was a lovely day!

Dorchester afterwards

Especially as we were honoured to have 3 Chief Guide's Award Certificates presented!

Dorchester Awards

Katherine carrying the standard
Gold Practice Brecon Beacons April 2010               below left: Just off! & below right: Relax, we're all FINISHED!!
Gold Prac
After it was
Recruitment 2010

Recruitment games evening last night, in an effort to attract new members. Unfortunately none of the expected Guides came but a Young Leader from a local village joined us, as did our two new girls from last term. So a good turn out and a successful evening with a variety of games interspersed with programme planning, our chocolate fountain and bouncing on the space hoppers for one of our Adventure 100 Challenges.

Oxford Gang Show March 2010
Gang Show

Show stars 2010

Five Unit members in the Oxford Gang Show this year and three of them were in the Dance team as well. That's Sunday mornings as well as the ordinary rehearsals on Monday evenings - September to March - that's six months!.   Dedication!!

Dance Team 2010

It's hard work
Christmas Good Turn & Centenary Recruitment 2009

We made individual Christmas cakes in baked bean tins & planted hyacinth bulbs for the 16 inhabitants of Helen House Hospice (our Changing the World Charity), then took them over just before Christmas.
Below: just about to hand them over.

Helen House
To celebrate the Centenary we made up a baby basket filled with goodies such as nappies, talc, creams, bibs, baby-grows and other related products all wrapped in cellophane, loaded with Girlguiding PR material & tied with pink ribbons. We handed this over to a Staff member at the JR Maternity Hospital to be given to the first girl born in 2010.
At Hospital Labour Ward
Christmas 2009                                              No ice rink visit this year, but usual meal, party and sleepover.
Remembrance Parade 2009
Not a massive turnout and Nette suffering with sciatica so not marching but once again we were at the Kidlington Remembrance Parade which this year we combined with a narrow boat trip. As usual loads of Brownies and Cubs at the Parade - not as many Guides and Scouts.

The Charitable Trust that runs the Venturer is run by an ex-Scouter who is known to a lot of us through his connections with the Gang Show. This means he gives us a very reasonable rate for the use of the boat. We were out for three/four hours and cooked & munched  pizzas as we motored along the canal, then back along the Thames. The start of our Adventure 100 Challenge!!

The Venturer
Remembrance Parade

At the helm  Alls well!
Court of Award Ceremony November 2009

Zoe's Promise Making

14.11.09 was a special occasion for Horizon with our County Commissioner, Carol Dunne, presenting five Chief Guide's Award Certificates. A member of the Unit made her promise and various badges and other awards were presented stapled to bags of gold coins. These reminded all the girls they were all worth their weight in gold!!

The Unit
Silver DofE Expedition New Forest October 2009

One member who completed her Silver Practice in the New Forest ages ago, two who came with us to the Peaks in July and one member from another Unit who  completed her Practice in the New Forest in May of this year called for a completely new route and different campsites for this highly successful October Expedition.
Silver Expedition New
Summer Camp Italy 2009

We threw coins into the Trevi Fountain.....

Trevi fountain

To ensure we all go back sometime!!

Our aim is to go abroad every three years & though we originally talked about Cyprus, and the numbers weren't very good we ended up in Italy this year.

Six days camping at B-P Park near Bassano Romano, including a Fiesta called 'White Night', spending time with Italian Scouts, paddling in Lago di Bracciano, eating at a traditional restaurant and visiting Viterbo. Then onto 4 days in Rome staying at Roma 60, a Scout House in the suburbs. There we visited the Colosseum & Palatine, saw the Pantheon, had an audience with the Pope at Castelgandalfo, threw coins in the Trevi Fountain, visited St Peter's (where we experienced a mutiny), Vatican City & museums, the Spanish Steps, lots of pizzerias & restaurants and participated in an open top bus tour. Loads of shopping & pasta, temperatures in the 40's. BRILL!!


BP Park
Friday meetings Summer 2009
such as barbies, hikes, crazy golf, gardening, playing Aunt Sally & punting as well as our usual kayaking.
We try to get out as much as possible during the summer, and this year we're participating in activities

June Barbie
Silver DofE Practice July 2009

A couple of our members joined up with girls from LASER region on a Practice Expedition in the Peak District in July. Based at Glenbrook Guide Association Training Centre the expedition was organised by our one time Assistant Guider, Helen, who is now a DofE Adviser in London.
In the Peak
Sun Run July 2009
Neon Party
Left: Members of the Unit dressing up in neon for the Toga Party at Sun Run 2009. And Below: the Group.
End of another
                        successful Sun Run
Court of Award Ceremony June 2009 Brill Hill
We try and hold a Court of Award Ceremony 3 times a year, at Christmas, in the summer and at our Unit AGM in September. A few years ago we climbed Brill Hill for one of our mountain top moments and in June 2009 we decided to go again. This time we invited our Division Commissioner, Sue Moss, to present the awards & badges, which were pinned to ribbons tied around pinwheels. Unfortunately the windmill on the top of the hill was under refurbishment, with the sails down and the area surrounded by security fencing. However we took a picnic supper with us and sat and watched the sun-set whilst eating. Then Awards were presented, including 3 hard won Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award Certificates.
Court of Awards
District Fete June 2009

Unit members manning our stall at the District Fete in Church Street in June 2009.
Nearly £1,000.00 was raised for our Guide Centre Rebuilding Fund.
Silver DofE Expedition May 2009

Horizon were joined by a couple of Rangers from a new Unit in Oxford run by Mim's Mum & ex-Ranger Maria (LINK Chair). Georgia and Lucy joined our Louise, Nikki, Becca and Lucy in the New Forest for the three day two night 24 mile Expedition. They were really lucky with the weather and completed on time walking perfectly (apart from one slight mishap) to their route cards. Brilliant...
Gold DofE Expedition April 2009
Dartmoor 2009

The Gold D. of E. Award group April 2009, having just completed their expedition on Dartmoor. Their Assessor, Jamie, seemed impressed. He certainly gave them glowing reports. Just the Residential to sort for most of them, then they're done!! Well Done!!
SSOX Challenge February 2009

The challenge this year was to travel to 15 countries without leaving Oxford City Centre (It does make sense, really).  So we donned our props and set off, looking for areas we could transform into world wide locations.  Here is just one of the results with our first stop at Sainsburys, aka MEXICO (see pic. left).

Sadly, our presentation for the SSOX Challenge was a complete disaster, due to technology issues, but we still had a great laugh and took some of the funniest photos known to Ranger kind. One day perhaps we can show the video documenting our entire journey around the world/Oxford!!

Cheryl's Chief Guide's Evening 3.1.09

On the 3rd January 2009, Cheryl was presented with her Chief Guide's Award by the County Commissioner Carol Dunne. Various other awards such as Cheryl's Senior Section Camp Permit, Becci's Commonwealth Award and various kayaking and Bronze DofE were also presented. A very pleasant evening.
Christmas Dinner & Nikki's Permit Camp 2008
The Unit Christmas dinner, ice skating at midnight, snowglobes, christmas cards and decorations. Nikki organised her Senior Section Indoor Permit the weekend just before Christmas and with Holly, Cheryl, Clare, Emma, Zoe, Lucy and Mim to join her the result was a fantastic time. And of course she passed! Well Done Nikki.
                      party '08
Nikki's permit

Christmas Party 2008
Innovate 2008

Only two members at Innovate this year, but both Mim and Cheryl had a great time in Scotland.
Kayaking 2008
Longridge Boating Centre '08

Once again we kayaked all summer, culminating in Maria, Ali, Catherine, Becca, Louise, Lucy and Mim attending a one night, two day course at Longridge Boating Centre at Marlow and gaining their BCU combined 2 Star Awards. They're stars.
Catherine & Becca kayaking Louise
                      in white water
Mim's International trip to Slovakia August '08
Mim in
                      Slovakia '09

Our Mim attended the County International Selection two years running. In 2007 she was selected and joined the County trip to Poland with Jenny (an ex-Ranger), where she made her Promise. In 2008 she got through County Selection again and went to Pax Lodge for a weekend Regional Selection where she was chosen to rpresent Anglia Region Girlguiding UK at an International trip to Slovakia.
Summer Camp 2008
Horizon's Summer Camp was once again held at Kirkby- le-Soken at the Essex Jamboree. Nette & Holly were joined by Nikki, Mim, Becca, Lucy and Flic from 26.7.08 - 2.8.08.
Whilst there we visited Frinton on Sea where Becca, Lucy and Flic made their Promise. It was windy!!

Promises on the beach at
                        Essex 2008

Other activities included It's A Knockout, visiting the Global Village, kayaking, etching, listening to loads of bands, dressing for a recycled Fashion Party and spending time in the paddling pool. Kidlington Guides came to visit for the day during the week, we advertised Oxford by giving away samples of Coopers marmalade and we raised money for endangered animals by running a Lucky Lolly stall.
Essex Jamboree

Essex Jamboree '08
Decopatch July 2008

One of our Friday evening activities - covering picture frames with paper scraps, then varnishing them, all done at the Pottery Place in Witney,one of our favourite venues.
Sun Run July 2008
                      lunch at Sun Run '08

Horizon and OSAGTO LINK at Sun Run Saturday lunch in the rain. Members who attended were: Ali, Lizzie, Amy R., Chris, Olivia, Sheena, Amanda, Becci, Clare, Zoe, Catherine, Nikki, Becca, Lucy, Louise, Flic, Maria and Nette.

As usual a brilliant weekend, but no runners at all!!! Shame about the volleyball - again!! And the weather was rubbish.
Expeditions June 2008
Bronze Practice '08

  Our new Bronze group at the start of their second day, they were camping at Green Hill Campsite at Bletchingdon.

       A now seasoned Bronze group having just completed their actual expedition. The weather was very hot and the paths well over grown.  Suffering!!

Bronze Expedition '08
District Camp 2008

Every couple of years our District try and hold a camp that involves everyone, a chance for the Rainbows to visit, the Brownies to sleep indoors, the Guides to practice their camp skills and the Rangers to camp alongside and join in or not as they wish.
Meanwhile Leaders get an opportunity to swap good practice and socialise!! Left: Rangers working on their Books of Inspiration, below Holly emerging from her tent and below right most Rangers came on the Friday for a  bar-b-cue

Holly at Jubilee House

District Camp '08

District Camp at Jubilee
                        House '08
Gold DofE Practice Expedition April 2008

Our Gold group at Glenbrook at the start of their practice expedition. It rained, the clouds came down and they got soaked and nearly lost, however they survived, managed to get their kit dry and completed. Getting stronger, more organised and more proficient each time.
Glenbrook at start of the Gold practice '08
Gang Show 2008
One of our newest members
                        joined the cast.Our

The Seasons

We always manage a few members in the cast (usually of about 200) of the Oxford Gang Show and this year nine of our girls participated. Its quite gruelling in that there are Monday evening rehearsals from September to March plus Sunday morning rehearsals for those members in the dance team and extra Sunday afternoon rehearsals in the weeks leading up to the Show. The Show itself takes place in the New Theatre Oxford and runs from Monday to Saturday with both a matinee (beloved by local Cubs and Brownies) and a quieter evening performance more in tune with most of the parents.
Cheryl's Permit Camp February 2008

Working for her Queen's
Guide Award Cheryl
decided to run an
indoor camp. So for
a few days over half
term our Guide Centre
hosted half a dozen
Rangers with a theme
of Thinking Day Around
the World.To the right
the girls are preparing the
pinata, bottom..nearly finished,
right a Nigerian costume
and below making Mexican
Gods eyes.
Gods eyes
Trying on African clothing

Cheryl says on her Facebook page: Many thanks to Emski, Clare, Jade, Nikki and Katherine : for coming on the camp and also for the funness (eg. theodore  the rat!) and also for telling the Assessor they were having fun - even if they were lying!             
Preparing the pinata

Clare, Emma, Nikki, Jade and Katherine helped Cheryl gain her Senior Section Indoor Camp Permit. As well as making God's eyes and pinatas, the girls visited an archaeological site in Egypt, panned for gold in Australia and had a visit from a Nigerian Missionary.

The almost completed
Christmas Party 2007
LINK members at meal

The Leader Team

The Christmas Dinner is usually one of the most popular events of our year. However we had to bring the date forward in 2007 which meant very few LINK members could attend as they were still at Uni.

Added to that the Ice Rink muddled our booking (again), and we clashed with someones party. However after delivering yule logs, about 15 of us sat down to an excellently cooked turkey dinner followed by the left/right present giving game, party games and a sleepover.
Halloween Party Autumn 2007

It used to be a tradition that we'd go up to Wytham Woods and to our Girlguiding centre there for our annual Halloween Party. However there's no vehicular access, and over the last few years we've had a group of girls who dislike the spiders and find the whole idea of a cottage in the woods too adventurous so  hence a much tamer (and cheaper) affair at our local Guide Centre. The games, dressing up and fun haven't changed!!

Halloween 2007
Halloween Party 2007
High Ropes Autumn 2007

We're lucky in that we have one of the Scout Association's Centre of Excellence, Youlbury, only a few miles down the road and in 2007 they installed a high ropes course - so of course we had to try it out. Some of the Rangers were really good and managed it easily, some didn't like it at all and a few of us didn't even try!! Whilst there we bumped into  Kelly, one of our ex-members, who is now on the Service Team there.
                      on harnesses
Kayaking Summer 2007
2 Star

We had problems with finding an Instructor for our kayaking course this summer so in the end did without, not running a course at all but inviting all our 1 Star girls back to hone up their Skills, read the syllabus and spend a lot of time practicing. Ali who has her 3 Star and Canoe Safety Test came and gave us a hand. Here's Davie at the Assessment, when Becca, Mim, Lucy and Catherine gained their 2 Star. Thanks go to both Ali and Dave.
Summer Camp 2007

Summer Camp 2007 was once again held at Haven Holiday Park at Perran Sands. Nette, Becci, Amy, Sheena, Nikki, Mim and Jade plus Manda who came for a couple of days.
Weather was very mixed with a couple of nice days but some rain and it was quite cold. Trips included a visit to Lands End, shopping at Newquay and an afternoon on the beach there, pony trekking locally and a meal out and Jade's Promise Ceremony at Sunset on the beach in Perranporth.
The highlight was probably the visit of the RAC man after we discovered a hole in a tyre. Then he found the spare was also punctured!! Luckily we were reimbursed!

At Lands End
Rangers on the beach

Reday to go partying!

on the beach
Emma's International in Poland
Emma in
                      Poland '07

Emma got through County International Selection, then Region selection after a weekend at Pax Lodge and joined the Girlguiding Anglia group on their visit to Poland in Summer 2007.
Holly on GOLD in Russia

GOLD is:

Holly decided to go for GOLD as the saying goes and attended an INTOPS (International Opportunties Selection) at Durham at the end of 2006. She was lucky enough to get through and was chosen as a member of a party of six to go to Russia where the Girl Scout Association (RADS), is still in its infancy.

Their brief was to train members of RADS Senior Section and Young Leaders on the skills necessary to develop their Girl Scouting such as programming and team building. The Group from the UK stayed on a campsite for two and a half weeks where most of the training took place. They also got to experience home hospitality, staying in Russian Girl Scout homes for four days.

Holly says: I discovered so much about myself and made some great friends. It also taught me what a well developed organisation GirlguidingUK is.
putting on an act

Demostrating in Russia
Friday meetings
Ceramic painting
                      during a Friday night meeting Friday nights are taken up with work on the Look Wider Programme, outdoor activities such as visiting the gym, wide games, drop off hikes, scavenger hunts and high ropes. Badge work, such as for the Anglia's First Things First or the Outdoor Challenge or Make Poverty History badge. Crafts, such as Jewellery making, fantasy flowers or pictured here painting ceramic pots at Witney. Other nights are spent on self esteem activities, assertiveness, International meals, talking about life choices, starting a book of Inspiration or creating life maps.
The promise is discussed and made, we kayak every summer, cook a lot and laugh even more, as to the parties!! Any excuse - the fun never stops for us!
Sun Run 2007

Runners of the Moon and Sun Run 2007. All runners completed. Members who attended were: Ali, Chris, Dave, David, Sheena, Anna, Becci, Becky, Emma, Clare, Jemma, Olivia, Jade, Nikki, Mim, Maria and Nette.
As usual a brilliant weekend. Shame about the volleyball - again!!

               Jemma, Sheena, Davie and Phil -

Runners of the
                      Moon & Sun Run 2007
OSCAR Ceremony
(SSOX Challenge Presentation)

The majoority of the Unit was present at
                        the Ceremony.
Our Senior Section in Oxfordshire Committee sets a Challenge most years and all the Units compete for a Shield. In 2006-7, we competed in a "Movie Challenge" and had a choice of approximately 80 activities to try!
   As you can see below Horizon had a go at the phone booth photo, making sandals and bin bag fashions, amongst other things.
   The Shield was presented at an "Oscar Ceremony" in June at our County HQ. Older members of the Unit loaned out their dresses, then most of Horizon met early for cocktails and canapés & our DC and her Assistant chose the eight girls they felt had taken the most trouble with their appearance and these got to travel to the event in our stretch limo.
   Upon arrival at the venue we were all greeted by the paparazzi & a red carpet, beautifully decorated tables, red & gold balloons, stunning food and loads of alcohol free drinks. Soft lights, sweet music, a chocolate fountain, gold envelopes, a humorous MC, loads of categories, the chance to make your acceptance speech upon the dais and a flower to take away all contributed to the ambiance. A highly successful evening which ended with a Disco and loads of bubbles. Our thanks to the Organisers!!
25th May 2007 Queen's Guide Party

Our County Commissioner kindly presented Becky with her Queen's Guide Award at a bar-b-cue we held at the home of one of our local Ambassador's.

All Parents were invited and we took the opportunity of holding a Court of Awards Ceremony presenting Rangers with white flowers, tied with ribbons, with their badges stapled on. Our District Commissioner presented Becci with her 5 year Award and various girls with their First Aid Certificates, whilst our D. of E. Award Adviser presented Silver Awards to Lizzie & Jennie and Bronzes to Clare, Emma and Cheryl.
Receiving her
                        award June '07

                        at the Party
Duke of Edinburgh Award EXPEDITIONS 2007
Leaving Burley
                      on their Silver

The Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition Group preparing to leave Burley Youth Hostel Campsite in the New Forest on day 2 of their actual Expedition in June (they'd completed the practice a month earlier).

The Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award Practice
Expedition Group preparing to leave the Guide Centre in May.     It rained !! and rained !!

However they completed the actual Expedition a month later in glorious sunshine.
Preparing to
Walking in on

The GOLD Expedition Group coming in at the finish of their 4 day Expedition on Dartmoor in April. Beautiful weather, excellent time keeping, glowing reports.
March Camp 2007

Members visited a Guiding & Scouting Museum as one of the activities on "Winterish Camp" at Youbury. Members here are posing wearing a variety of Guiding & Scouting hats. Archery was another very popular activity.
Visiting a
                      Scouting & Guiding Museum
Jamming Spring 2007
Jam session Spring

Jamming session at a Friday evening meeting.
Thinking Day 2007

Getting ready to help Rainbows, Brownies and guides light the candles at the District Thinking Day Ceremony 2007.
Getting ready
                      to light the candles
County Challenge 2006-7
A Fashion
                      Show was held in the Spring of 2007

Members of the Unit, posing in their creations made of bin bags and other bits and pieces, one of the Movie Challenges set by the County. Spring 2007

The 2006-'07 SSOX (Senior Section in Oxfordshire) County Challenge was a movie challenge. In June 2006 we had had a Photographic Evening, which included taking a picture of as many Rangers as they could squash into a telephone kiosk. We were delighted to discover this same clause incorporated into the Movie Challenge, so went out and repeated the exercise..
Other challenges included making our own sandals, punting, kayaking, bowling, participating in a First Aid Training, etc.

Part of the
                      County Challenge
Becky's GOLD D. of E. Award Celebration
Members displaying
                      their Awards at the AGM

Our Unit Annual General Meeting was once again held at the end of September. Sadly we had to say good-bye to Ali and Lizzie, both off to University, but members were thrilled with the badges awarded, mostly for "Nights Away", a new scheme introduced this year.

Just after the AGM, at the beginning of October Becky was presented with her GOLD Duke of Edinburgh Award by the County Commissioner at a small party at the Guide Centre.

2006 Summer Camp

Summer Camp for 12 of us in August 2006 was the NORDJAMB Jamboree in Iceland.
We spent 10 days in the Country, arriving at Reykjavik and spending the first couple of nights at a Salvation Army Hostel, where we explored the city, shopped and went out for a traditional Viking dinner of shark, lamb shank and cloud berries. We then moved  on to camp at Ulfljotsaven, the National Campsite near Pingvellier where we met up with the 250 odd other participants of the Jamboree. We spent a couple of days acclimatising and networking then various groups went off on different activities, the majority of Horizon choosing to cycle around the lake.

The last days of the Jamboree were spent back at Ulfljotsaven, exploring the local area, swapping badges and crafts with other participants and attending a workshop about Icelandic folklore and myths. We ended the Camp with a tree planting ceremony at the Pingvellier Friendship forest.
The last couple of days of the trip were spent at Jotenheimar, the Icelandic Scout Building in Reyjavik, here we all attended a pizza party, went swimming in the Blue Lagoon, where we were treated to a really good lunch and where Cheryl & Clare made their Promise & Ali renewed hers.

Campsite at Ulflotsaven
Mountain biking

Being serenaded during our meal

Waiting for our flight at Stansted

2006 Sun Run

Sun Run
2006 District Camp at Horley
Camping at
                      Horley June '06 On the zip

Only four members of the Unit managed to support the District Camp but Myrriam made her Promise at the bar-b-cue on the Friday evening, when the whole Unit went over to help set up..
2006 Ulster Innovate

Older members enjoying themselves at Innovate Ulster. They also took the opportunity to explore the area whilst there.
Ulster Innovate 2006
2006 Bronze Expedition walking
                      Expedition May '06

Having done their Training and completed their Bronze Practice Expedition last year Clare, Emma, Cheryl and Maryanne eventually completed their fifteen mile Expedition staying at Youlbury and looking at the state of paths bordering different types of waterways.
2006 Bell Ringing

One of our Friday night meetings in April 2006 was spent bell ringing at St Mary's Church in Kidlington.
Practically the whole Unit attended and everyone had a go, thoroughly enjoying themselves.

We're very grateful to Kidlington Bell Ringing Group who made this possible.
Bell ringing at
                      St. Mary's Church, Kidlington
2006 Award Presentations
                      D. of E. Presentation at Oxford Town Hall March

Our annual Duke of Edinburgh Award Presentation was held at Oxford Town Hall in March 2006. Laura, Alice, Lizzie, Holly and Sheena were all awarded their Silvers. All, except Sheena, who worked for at a Red Cross Charity Shop, had helped with Brownies for the Service Clause and are Young Leaders.
2006 Thinking Day

Cheryl, Holly, Ali, Lizzie and Amy helped Becky with the organisation of the District Thinking Day Event at the Guide Centre
Rangers who
                      helped organise the District Thinking Day Event
                      February 2006
2005 Christmas Dinner
Christmas dinner

As usual our Christmas Dinner was well attended.
Everyone loved their gifts, party games were played and most people slept over. However this year instead of the usual ice skating we managed to book "broom balling" at 1.00am.

Great fun was had by all.
2005 County Challenge

Learning to knit at Rangers
(a clause of the SSOX Challenge 2005)
October - November 2005
            Learning to Knit
                      Challenge - Party in a High Place

SSOX stands for Senior Section in Oxfordshire. Its an umbrella term used in the County to cover all Rangers, Young Leaders and Senior Section members. In fact all those 14-25 years of age.

Most years the Senior Section Adviser, or the SSOX Committee, devises a County Challenge which can be competed for by all SSOX members, as we own a rather beautiful shield donated by "the Commissioners" in 1922.

In 2005 the Challenge included clauses on "holding a party in a high place", "biviing out", and "walking to see the sun rise". We rolled all these challenges into one weekend at the beginning of September.

Above: - "partying in a high place" - on Jarn Mound, Boars Hill, Oxford and left: - eating breakfast having bivvied out at Youlbury International Scout Activity Centre, then risen early and walked to a high place to watch the sun rise.
Biviing out
                      at Youlbury September 2006
2005 Innovate Wrexham in September
All set
                      to Party at Innovate

Becky, Manda, Jaye, Lizzie, Ali and Holly attended Innovate and all were inspired by the "buzz" engendered by the event. Here are some of them, all dressed up for the evening entertainment.
2005 Eurojam

Becky and friend, both members
of the International Service Team
at EUROJAM. The photo was used
for publicity purposes and flashed
all over the place.
     Becky at
2005 Quest - Oxfordshire's County Camp
Last night party

On the beach at

3 Leaders and 9 Rangers attended the County Camp at Standlake in August. Traditionally Oxon's County Camp is held every five years with most Divisions running their own subcamps, the Senior Section manning a Service Team Camp and a Central Camp for all the organisers.

However this year everyone camped with their Division. It was nice to camp alongside our District Guiding team and good to set the Guides an example but we did miss the camaraderie of the other Senior Section Units.

We hosted some Russian Boy and Girl Scouts during and after the Camp. Above left shows some of them with us at our final night Party with the older Guides. Left - some of our members on the beach at Bournemouth on our day outing.
 Sun Run 2005

Watching the Presentations at Sun Run 2005. Attended by AJ, Ali, Amy, Amy, Becci, Becky, Emma, Holly, Kelly, Manda, Maryanne, Olivia, Sheena and Nette. We didn't bother entering the Sun Run this year but did have a team in the Moon Run.
And for the first time ever we won a Trophy. The Fastest All Female Team in a time of 3 hours 44 minutes.. Well Done all four of you. You did us proud.
Watching the presentations at Sun Run 2005

The winners
2005 Silver D. of E. Expeditions 
Rangers Silver
                      Expedition in the New Forest

In May four of our girls completed their thirty mile Silver Expedition in the New Forest. We're just awaiting their reports.
2005 Chief Guide Award Presentations

to Lizzie and Holly completing their Chief Guide's Challenge Award and to Nette for her 25 year Service to this Unit. We held a big Party in April to celebrate and invited back all our former members. It was lovely to see people again.
Cutting the cake
Christmas dinner at our Guide Centre

Promise Ceremony
                      on the Ice Xmas '04


Our Annual Christmas Dinner is traditionally cooked by the newest members of the Unit. Whilst they're cooking other Rangers deliver the Christmas cakes we've made to the elderly in the village and yet more members will lay the table and decorate it. We rarely sit down to eat before 9.00pm and some years its later.

The dinner is always followed by one of our Court of Awards Ceremonies then the giving of presents. Most years we play the right/left present giving game and this is followed by party games before we go ice skating at about 1.00am in the morning. This year one of our Assistant Guiders remade her Promise at the Ice Rink at 2.00am after our Christmas Party. We went on back to our Centre afterwards and slept over.


With AJ's help it was possible to run 2 Expeditions in the October half term. Five members walked east to west across the Forest being assessed for their Silver Award by a member of the New Forest Expedition Panel and four Rangers walked south to north for their Practice Expedition.
The weather was dreadful and most people not only got soaked but covered in mud.

We pride ourselves at Horizon on the number of Bronze and Silver Awards we gain. However so far we've only had two Golds in the Unit and one of those was AJ. However being associated with OSAGTO LINK Unit does give us the opportunity to keep the girls involved for longer.
Silver Expedition in the New Forest

                      Expedition in the New Forset
Essex jamboree group 2004

                      Ceremonies on the beach at Clacton

Ten members of the Unit attended Summer Camp in 2004 as participants of the Essex Jamboree. We were on Athena Subcamp and participated in some amazing water activities as well as the more usual "its a knock out" and evening discos. We spent an afternoon on Clacton seafront, participated in the Challenge Hike and some of the girls gained their International Friendship Awards. Dressing up in the evening was very popular and one day we entertained some Scouts from Ghana giving them both breakfast and an evening meal.

Three members made their Promise whilst at camp. Jade, Sheena and Kelly all made their Promise whilst in the sea at Clacton. Traditionally they cracked open a bottle of perry to celebrate the occasion and we then held a bar-b-cue on the shingle and partied till sunset.


Another action packed Sun Run in July. Only 19 attended this year though (including LINK). Amy & Nicky managed to pick up some guy from Wales in order to enter the 26 mile Sun Run which they both completed (although the Welsh guy walked off with our map & one of our compasses) and Becky, Leo and Maryanne completed the 13 mile Moon Run. We once again completely flunked the Volleyball but all enjoyed the inflatables and the kareoke. All loved the Discos.
On one of the rides at Sun Run 2004
AJ and Amy on the River Wye May 2004


We visited the Forest of Dean in June, Kayaking on the River Wye was the main reason for not going to the Peak District this year. It turned out to be only a small group of us even though we were joined by some LINK members. We stayed at Holly Barn, had a meal out at a local hostelry, went mountain biking one afternoon and of course did a lot of kayaking. Jennie said "It was absolutely brilliant"

In May Jade, Sheena, Laura & Jessie all completed their 15 mile Practice Expeditions at the beginning of the month, in the surrounding villages to Kidlington. Then at the end of the month they were joined by Olivia and went on to complete their actual Expedition camping overnight at Youlbury. Well Done all five of you.
Bronze Group in May '04
above Making
                      friendship bracelets and below cocktails


Becky's Holiday Licence Camp took the form of a Murder Mystery weekend. A camp of Cocktails, 1920'S outfits and mystery it took place at Hill End Environmental Centre, Oxford for the weekend. Other activities included an expert from St Johns Ambulance Service teaching us how to create gory fake wounds on ourselves, won't our mums be proud!!! A video board game called Atmosfear, golf at Didcot Driving Range, swimming and horse riding. We had to guess who the murderer was and we made yet more crafts...
We all had great fun. Fiona says it was really great... the activities were good and there was always something to do. Also the food was good, and all the Rangers seemed to enjoy themselves.
And of course, Becky gained her Holiday Licence.
Our first overnight event of the year was a Fantasia Extravaganza February half term. This included a visit to Cadbury's World, which was really good. Then we spent all day Thursday doing crafts, and played chocolate games, and had a fairytale tea party. In the evenings we watched videos and had massages with aromatherapy oils. We went home early Friday morning.  
Fantasia tea
                      party February 2004
                        Promise Ceremony
December saw us in London for the weekend. We spent the first evening shopping in Oxford Street, followed by a meal at Pizza Hut and a visit to the Trocadero. We spent the nights at Baden Powell House. The next day we visited CHQ  then Pax Lodge for a tour of the building. We also had a new Ranger make her Promise in the grounds. On the Sunday we went to Harrods for some more shopping, then we returned home to rest our aching feet. A weekend enjoyed by everyone.
October saw our annual Halloween Party and a scary night for the guides that joined us. The party included music, traditional games like apple bobbing and eating mini doughnuts hanging from string, and yet more party food. We drank a witches brew of mulled wine and everyone came dressed up.
Halloween at
                        our local campsite
                        Promise Ceremony at Oeschininsee
Our Summer Camp was a fantastic 10 days at Kandersteg in Switzerland. We visited attractions such as the Trummelbach Falls, Our Chalet where some Rangers made their Promise, took a ski lift to Oechininsee where yet more Rangers made their Promises knee deep in the (freezing) waters of the lake and Berne. As we were present for Swiss National Day, we marched into the town with all the others from all over the world, singing and waving flaming torches. An unforgettable experience.
Another Summer Camp and yet another Promise Ceremony. This time at Lands End whilst camping at the Haven site at Perran Sands in Cornwall one of our favourite holiday destinations.
                        Ceremony at Lands End Aug. 2002

Xmas 2001
At Horizon we have a tradition of having three Court of Award Ceremonies a year. Usually at Easter, the September A. G. M. and at Christmas. As there are not many Awards that the girls can work towards and they love getting badges we give participation patches and certificates for camps attended and jobs well done.
The pic. on the left shows some of the girls with their Awards pinned to balloons at the Christmas Dinner Party 2001.
Our first International trip for a while was to New York. Here you see Rangers with Helen (former Assistant Guider) at the Yankees Stadium in New York watching the New York Yankees playing the Canadian Blue Jays at baseball. The Yankees won!
Yankees Stadium 2000
Sun Run 1999


Rangers and LINK members at Cleeve Hill Sun Run - July 1999. We also joined up with some of the Middle Barton Venture Scouts.
In 1999 Odd U C LINK group joined us for a joint Summer Camp at Perran Sands in Cornwall.

Summer Camp at Devon Cliffs, another Haven site at Exmouth, with Assistant Leader, Helen Ardron

We've frequently camped at Haven Campsites, enabling the Rangers to party in the evenings in a "family" safe environment and having the advantage of loads of facilities on site. Perran Sands in Cornwall is one of our favourite sites and they're very good about accommodating us. The pic shows Rangers after a Promise Ceremony - Aug. '97
Perran Sands 1998