Our Constitution


last update July 2011

    1. The name of the group shall be ''Kidlington District Ranger Guide Unit'', otherwise known as ''Horizon Rangers'' (Horizon R.G.U.)


    2. The policy and rules of the Guide Association are the policy and rules of Horizon RGU.


    3. Horizon RGU forms an integral part of Kidlington District Guide Association, in Oxford City II Division of the County of Oxfordshire in Anglia Region of the U.K.


    4. In accordance with Guide Association policy Horizon RGU is open to young women of 14 - 25 years of age.


    5. Meetings of Horizon RGU will be held weekly on Friday evenings from 8.00 - 10.15 pm. Their headquarters will be the Green Road Guide Centre, Kidlington. Oxford.


    6. All meetings of Horizon RGU will be organised and run by an annually elected ''Executive Committee'' (see notes ..7 & 8.. below) consisting of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Catering Officer - job descriptions of these positions are available upon request.


    7. Other Officers may be deemed necessary at certain times in the life of the Ranger Unit (Vice-Chair, P.R. Officer, Fund Raising Officer, etc.) Proposals for these positions may be put forward at the Annual General Meeting (see note ..9.. below).


    8. A decision making meeting known as the ''Annual General Meeting'' (A.G.M.) will be held every year in the Autumn term. Notification of the date of the A.G.M. will be sent to every member of the Unit at least one week in advance.


    9. The Annual General Meeting will have a set agenda that includes:

                            The Chairpersons Report

                            The Unit Guiders Report

    The Treasurers Report & statements of the petty cash and cheque accounts

                            The Election of the Officers of the Unit Executive Committee

                            The opportunity to change this constitution.

    ( This is done in the form of a written motion, proposed, seconded and voted upon by all members present at that meeting).


    10. Officers of the Unit Executive Committee are elected at The Annual General Meeting (see note ..9 & 10.. above) for a term of one year.

    They may not stand for the same post for more than three consecutive terms of Office.


    11. Written minutes will be kept of every Annual General Meeting, these will be signed as a correct record at every following A.G.M.


    12. The Annual General Meeting cannot take place unless a quorum of the Unit Membership (50%) is in attendance.


    13. A Unit Member is defined as a Ranger who is paying subs on a regular basis and has not informed the Unit Executive Committee of her resignation. Unit Members do not necessarily have to attend meetings.


    14. All Unit members have the right to vote at the A.G.M. In the case of a tie the Unit Chair has a second and casting vote. Unit Guiders do not have a vote but can propose motions and initiate discussion upon controversial proposals.


    15. Members unable to attend the A.G.M. have the right to vote by proxy, to propose motions by proxy and to propose Officers for election by proxy.


    16. The District Commissioner, County Ranger Guider and District President, District Guiders &  Guides over 12 years of age plus the Parents of all members may all be sent invitations to attend the A.G.M.


    17. The Unit Executive Committee may also be known as the Look Wider Team. They may co-opt members at their discretion.


    18. The Unit Executive Committee may meet at specified intervals or at the request of a Unit Member or the Unit Guider. The Secretary must keep a note of any such meetings in the Unit Executive Committee Minute book.


    19. The Unit Guiders are members of the Unit Executive Committee but have no voting rights. All elected Officers do have voting rights, co-opted members may not vote. In the event of a tie the Unit Chair has a second and casting vote.


    20. Officers of the Unit Executive committe are elected at the Annual General Meeting (see notes ..9 & 10..) for a term of one year. they may not stand for the same post for more than three consecutive terms of office.


    21. Unit in Council Meeting is the term used when the Unit Executive reports back to the Unit.


    22. In certain circumstances and in consultation with the Unit Guider, the Unit Executive Committee may call an ''Extraordinary General Meeting''. Notification for this meeting must be given in exactly the same way as for an A.G.M. (see note ..9..).


    23. Any ''E.G.M.'' called, shall be treated in exactly the same way as an A.G.M. and notes ..10 - 17.. above will apply.


    24. Every member of Horizon Ranger Guide Unit (see note ..13.. above) is expected to pay a weekly subscription fee. The amount of this subscription is to be decided by the Unit on the advice of the Treasurer at the A.G.M. The weekly fee must be paid whether the member attends a meeting or not. At the moment subs are £3.00 a week.

    25. Paying by cheque a term in advance is the most convenient method of payment for the Treasurer, as all our bills have to be paid in advance.


    26. As a last resort if someone consistently fails to pay their subs bill the Treasurer, in consultation with the Executive Committee may ask the Unit Guider to approach the Rangers' Parents for settlement.


    27. Fundraising to subsidise Unit activities is encouraged.  Money raised by fundraising may be divided by the number of Rangers participating in that fundraising and used as CREDITS for Ranger Activities. It may NEVER be used to pay a Ranger’s subs bill.


    28. Money obtained from grants or donations must be used for (a) either the specific purpose it was applied for or (b) at least 50% should be placed into the Unit Account before the rest is divide by the number of Rangers involved in that activity. Money obtained from grants or donations may not be used to pay a member’s subs bill  (note.27 above).


    29. Official Ranger uniform will always be worn at the A.G.M., District, Division, County and National events. It may also be worn to Unit meetings upon the advice of the Unit Executive Committee, however it does not need to be worn to Unit meetings.


    30. All new Unit Members are given 3 'Sub Free' weeks to try the Unit out without being charged.


    31. If a member has a valid reason for not attending meetings for a minimum period of a term then subs may be reduced by 50% at the discretion of the Unit Executive Committee in consultation with the Unit Guider.


    32. The Unit has an "Affiliated Membership Scheme", whereby ex-Rangers are kept in touch with Unit Activities upon receipt of £15.00  a term. This affiliation fee covers a members GO registration, it does not entitle members to attend Unit Activities unless specifically invited.


    33. If an Affiliate Member wishes to do so she may pay the Guide Association Capitation fee plus termly costs (as above) and will therefore still be a member of the Association, and covered by insurance, whether she attends meetings or not.